human hair patch life
human hair patch life

hair patch life spam depends on how you take care of it 



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which is better artificial hair or indian hair
which is better artificial hair or indian hair

Indian and Chinese hair are two of the most commonly used types of human hair extensions. Here are some differences between Indian and Chinese hair:

  1. Texture: Indian hair is generally thicker and coarser than Chinese hair, which is finer and straighter. Indian hair has a natural wave or curl, while Chinese hair is often very straight.

  2. Color: Indian hair is typically black or dark brown, while Chinese hair can range from black to medium brown. Chinese hair may also have a slight reddish tint.

  3. Quality: Indian hair is generally considered to be of higher quality than Chinese hair. Indian hair is thicker, stronger, and more durable, making it better suited for hair extensions. Chinese hair is often thinner and weaker, which can lead to breakage and shedding.

  4. Availability: Indian hair is more widely available than Chinese hair. India is one of the largest exporters of human hair in the world, and there is a large demand for Indian temple hair. Chinese hair is also available, but it is not as widely sought after.

  5. Price: Indian hair is usually more expensive than Chinese hair due to its higher quality and popularity.

In summary, Indian hair is thicker, coarser, and more durable than Chinese hair, making it a better choice for hair extensions. Indian hair is also more widely available and sought after than Chinese hair, but it is usually more expensive.

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hair patch or hair transplant which is better
hair patch or hair transplant which is better


As opposed to a hair transplant treatment that takes about 6 to 12 months to show its effect, using hair patches gives instant results. Further, hair patches do not have any side effects that other medical or surgical treatments might have and can be used by men and women of all ages and hair types

This treatment is the most effective for people who experience Hair Loss in Patches since complete patches can be replaced by filling the bald spots most naturally. The hair patches now available use cosmetic glue that does not require you to take them off while swimming or bathing. The glue used is non-allergic and does not cause any irritation or allergy to the scalp.


  • Eliminates Baldness. A hair transplant eliminates your hair-related issues. ...
  • Natural-Looking Hairline. Hair restoration should be unnoticeable to all but those you tell. ...
  • Improves Your Self-Esteem and Appearance. ...
  • Low-Maintenance Hair Care. ...
  • Cost-Effective Surgery.



What Are the Main Advantages of a Hair Patch?
The best hair patch in India has several advantages over other surgical and medical treatments. This is the reason why numerous people choose this solution to overcome their hair loss issues in the short run. The advantages of using a hair patch have been stated below:

  • Convenience: The hair patch feels like your own hair and causes no inconvenience while working, bathing, or swimming. So, it does not only make you look good but does so with convenience.
  • Guaranteed results in less time: Surgical treatments take about 6 months to provide significant results. However, with non-surgical treatments, you can see results in a much lesser time. Using a hair patch gives you the desired look instantly.
  • Easy styling: Since hair patches blend with your natural hair, you can style them as you please. With the same hair quality and density, you can try out as many styles as you please just as you would with your natural hair.
  • Suitable for all stages: Using hair patches is suitable for all stages of hair loss. People who cannot get a hair transplant done because of insufficient donor sites can still go for a hair patch treatment since it has no minimum requirement.
  • Low maintenance: Using hair patches does not require a lot of maintenance on a day-to-day basis. Once used it lasts for a good time and no aftercare routine is to be followed.
  • No side effects: Another major advantage of using hair patches is that it does not have any side effects like that in the case of a hair transplant. There will be no scarring, itching, or allergies after using hair patches.
  • No pain: Since using hair patches is a non-surgical treatment that does not require any needles but only glue, there will be no pain experienced in the process. It, therefore, becomes an easy process that gives the same result without causing any pain.

These are some advantages of using hair patches. However, there might be some inconveniences which you must keep in mind before undergoing the treatment. These include:

  • Falling of hair patch: Since hair patches use an outward sticking technique, there is a chance that the patch could fall out in case you have excessive sweating. Even though the glue used nowadays is reliable, there are still chances of a condition like this arising.
  • Costly: Even though the treatment costs relatively less than a hair transplant, it can still be expensive because of regular maintenance requirements. The patch is made up of artificial hair which needs replacement after a few months. Not just this, but the glue used to stick the patch also requires to be replaced every few weeks. This might add significantly to the overall cost of the treatment.
  • Damage to natural hair: The glue used to stick the hair patch comes in contact with the natural hair and might damage them because of the constant irritation caused. This might even damage the natural hair to the point of hair fall.
  • Temporary solution: Hair patches are only a temporary solution for hiding bald patches. It requires constant replacement and clinic visits, unlike a hair transplant which is a permanent hair loss solution.
  • Specific products and brushes: After using hair patches, your choice of hair products would be limited. You can use only branded hair accessories and sticky oil. Additionally, a special brush would be needed as well.

You must decide to use hair patches only after considering the pros and cons of making an informed decision. It is recommended to consult a hair specialist to understand the procedure better and also identify the cause of hair fall to take the appropriate measures and follow the right treatment.


  • Bleeding Scalp. Bleeding is one of the most common hair transplant side effects. ...
  • Scalp Infections. Other hair transplant side effects include scalp infection. ...
  • Thinning Of Hair Girth. ...
  • Itching. ...
  • Scarring. ...
  • Cysts. ...
  • Hiccups. ...
  • Pain.

The patient is usually under anesthesia so he or she does not a feeling during the procedure. However, everything comes at a cost, and not just in terms of money. There are certain severe hair transplant side effects patients should be aware of before going for the procedure. If you have a hair loss problem 

Baldness is not an age-dependent phenomenon. This can happen to anyone and more importantly, at any age. In males, baldness can occur due to hormonal changes. When someone is suffering from baldness, the initial symptom is hair growing progressively shorter and finer until no new hairs grow.



  • Tedious procedure as it requires be removing and cleaning every 30 days.
  • The patch needs to be changed every 2 Years.


Are hair patch harmful ?
Are hair patches harmful ?

 The glue and clips of Hair Patch are quite safe and do not lead to allergic reactions on the scalp.

Hair Patch is quite an effective method of hair restoration, especially for those who do not want to opt for a surgical procedure or do not have the funds for a hair transplant surgery. The patch of hair is particularly designed to perfectly fit the patient. Thus, it looks absolutely natural and the patient ends up looking much better than they did before. The hair patches are designed in such a way that they complement the hair texture, color, and hair density of the patient. As compared to a traditional wig, a hair patch is smaller in size and designed to sit on a bald patch on the head.

This type of cosmetic treatment for hair is extremely safe and does not take much time.

Are there any side effects of hair patch treatment?

There are no particular side effects of the hair patch treatment procedure. It definitely does not lead to allergies or reactions in most cases, as cosmetic glue is used to secure the wig and the wig is custom made for the patient.


Since it is a non-surgical procedure, there are no particular side effects. Cosmetic glue and clips used in the treatment are extremely safe and do not lead to any allergies or infections.

according to searches or lab test hair patches are totally safe and you can easily replace your bald head with hair patch.

 positive point is there no medical treatment or no blood test and  no treatment with injection or any clinic doctors .

Losing hair is a common problem that makes people uncomfortable. It occurs due to heredity, certain diseases, and infections of the scalp, therapies like chemotherapy, stress, trauma and many others. It can be temporary or permanent. If you are suffering from the baldness of hair then you can go for hair patch treatment. It is made up of silicon base having pores for oxidation. Hair patches are the most sought hair replacement systems as compared to others. It is also called artificial hair restoration. There are certain reasons for opting hair patch which is given below:

● Non-surgical procedure

● Affordable

● Instant result



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How to take care of my hair patch
How to take care of my hair patch

We advice and give you only particular combs and brushes which will increase the life of the hair patch.

1) Use brushes or combs with soft bristles. Normal brushes act as a blade and remove hair on hair patches. We recommend and give few brands of brushes which are broad and soft. We also give soft pocket combs.

2) Try not to touch the base of the patch when combing hair.

Life of a hair system or hair patch:

Average life of a hair patch is 1 to 1.5 yrs. However, life of the hair patch might come down to say 6 months, if you don’t take care of it properly by using normal brushes, combs & shampoos. 

Shampoos and Conditioners:

You can apply shampoo, conditioner, non sticky oils etc recommended by HEADZ. They are neutral based products( PH value of 7) non detergent based ,which will enhance the life of the hair patch

There are few in the market but they are expensive. So we give you our own brand of conditioners and shampoos to our customers only, which are affordable.

We give a live-on spray conditioner which you can spray after shower and after hair is dried. You have to dry hair in soft mode for 2 to 3 minutes. This conditioner will have a moisturizing effect and give a hold on the hair. Unlike natural hair which will get moisture directly from the scalp.

Initially for a couple of weeks, till you get accustomed to the hair patch, we don’t advise head bath directly under shower. You have to do the old style of head bath with a mug and pouring water on your head. After a few weeks, you will get accustomed to the hair patch.

Also don’t apply shampoo directly on hair. You have to dilute the shampoo with water and then apply to hair and rinse it.Otherwise you will get tangles in hair and removing tangles is tough and hair loss can happen in the process. We can do refilling for the hair loss but it is always good to take precautions to not lose the hair.

We advise hair wash maximum once or twice in a week. Avoid sea water or contaminated water for head baths.

And finally, see the change after hair fixing – customers look younger and confident. It always brings smiles on customer’s faces. We at ritzkart are always happy to see the smiles on customer’s faces after hair fixing.


Maintenance / Service:

The maintenance period for our hair fixing methods are

1. Hair Clipping – no maintenance required

2. Hair Bonding – Monthly once (it can be done by yourself also using Do It Yourself Kit))

3. Hair Weaving – once in 2 months

After hair fixing, Look will be 100% Natural & Undetectable

How To Use Men Hair Patch

Men’s hair wig is termed as “toupee.”One of the most important things that should be taken care while buying a men’s hair wig is, the type of hair used. The second thing that matters the most is the measurement of hair. To ensure that you choose the right one, consult a dermatologist, especially if you have sensitive skin.


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