Mirage hair patch




MIRAGE HAIR SYSTEM , This is the best natural looking hair system as it looks that the hair is rising directly from the scalp. This hair system is skin base system. Mirage hair wig is injection molding piece. There is no appearance of knots and the hair patch looks unbelievably natural. The hair knotting is 1.1, so one hair knot would have 1 hair only. This hair wigs piece has a life Is depending on the maintenance. The user can make a partition from the toupee in any hairstyle. Mirage human hair patch has a very good quality of hair and skin base system to provide you a natural look. It is not a regular type of monofilament patches. And better than other patch 

Mirage human hair patch is more natural and relaxed than artificial wigs. If you like human hair patches, then you’ve come to the right place. Our human hair patch is perfect for men. Here you can find greatest collections of Human Hair Patch in different color and length. Mirage Human Hair Wigs are perfect for everyone and provide a highly natural look. And the hair quality is Remy finest quality and silky feel with freestyle. Hair wig is usually used to cover the whole area of head and hair patches is really very helpful to cover the baldness area only. There are many methods to apply hair patches as weaving, bonding, pasting, tapes, clips etc. If you want that your patches run for a long time then you will maintain these hair patches very carefully

Mirage patches also Available  in many types of quality, such as hair quality, its base different, its style different, hair stitch like single stitch or double, how much knotting of layer base the net is used, etc. We show more variety below 


1-Diamond Mirage / Triple layer Hair System


  • Triple Layer skin base net & Extra  Stitch   
  • Front lace natural Hair line skin
  • Model Name Diamond Mirage Fine Superior Hair Skin or Fine Superior Hair Patch is mesh base
  • all-round qu Layer Skin Base Natural Hair Line With Extra Stitch Base Wig ,
  • knotting process of the hair into the base making it far more durable and being a mesh makes the Hair Skin
  • Front Lace Give you More Hair Style , You Can  Any Hair Style 


Front Lace

  • The front lace patch gives you a Natural Look ,  In  this front Lace  which looks like real hair  with Which your front person will not be able to feel that you have applied any patch.
  • In front lace we can do any hair Style According to Us 
  • The front net is so thin that it Marge of your natural forehead skin. 

                      FRONT LACE FOR NATURAL LOOK 



Triple Layer Feature  

In this patch, the triple layer is made from a net fabric  for  Extra Durability  time, and for more comfortable , it has a mid layer like skin which is so thin that it is not visible.

  • A comfortable fabric base is built above the first layer so that there is no effect on our natural skin, nor does it cause any problems of itching, sweating, & with no side effect.
  • The mid layer is made of a natural thin skin-like base that is invisible.
    And seems looking  like a real skin head.
  • Hair is stitched on the top layer which is very attractive compared to other patches. In the Diamond Mirage Hair Patch, Its hair is stitched with double knotting  so that it can hold firmly and last longer

Real Photo & Video of Diamond Mirage Patch



2- Double layer Mirage Hair Patch 


  • Double Skin base Natural Hair Line Model Name Mirage Fine Superior Hair Skin or Fine Superior Hair Patch is mesh base with all-round qualities and knotting process of the hair into the base making it far more durable and being a mesh makes the Hair Skin
  • Parting Can Be Taken From Anywhere From Hair Piece It Will Look Like Skin
  • it is not a normal Monofilament system, Not be compare to lowest range quality in this system the hair is attached to a skin replica which gives it the best natural look.
  • hair comes out directly from the skin ,Any type of hair style can be done.




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